We are honored to take part in wedding receptions across the Kansas City area every year. It is one of the the biggest days of a couple's journey together and we feel the weight and responsibility in providing a memorable and delicious meal to your guests.


We have found over the years that the menus and services requested by bridal parties can vary from wedding to wedding. Instead of pricing each reception with a cookie cutter approach, we prefer to custom quote each wedding. We do this for three main reasons:


1) To make sure you are receiving exactly what you would prefer in terms of food and service.

2) To give you maximum value for your budget. Every menu item and element of our services can vary in cost.


3) We enjoy conversing with couples and getting to know more about them and the details of the reception. This helps us serve you even better throughout the process of preparing the food for your big day.


We would love to hear from you and be considered to serve you on your wedding day. Fill out a contact form HERE and we will be in touch!